General advice
Try to quote exactly how it is in the source you are referring to.
Try to get a trusted source before adding a quote.
Language Language of the quote.
Author Author(s) of the quote.
Source A reliable, notable, stand-alone source where the quote is to be found.
Date Publication date of the source.
Topic What is this quote about? Topics should be as specific as possible.
Reference More detailed reference such as chapter, act, scene or ISBN.
Note Various details like transcriber, translator, interviewer, character or speculations.
Web link A link to the full source like Wikisource or Gutenberg.
Translation of Indicates the original quote of a translation.
Subpart of Indicates a larger quote that fully contains the quote.
Misquote of Indicates the exact quote for an incorrect citation.
Examples of quote by source type
Act and scene can be added with a reference detail.
The source should be a collection of poems. The poem title should be added as a reference as : « Title » in Source.