There is no fettering of authority.
 William Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well (1623). copy citation

Author William Shakespeare
Source All's Well That Ends Well
Topic power authority
Date 1623
Language English
Note Written between 1604 and 1605


“My Lord you do me most insupportable vexation
Laf. I would it were hell paines for thy sake, and my poore doing eternall: for doing I am past, as I will by thee, in what motion age will giue me leaue. Enter.
par. Well, thou hast a sonne shall take this disgrace off me; scuruy, old, filthy, scuruy Lord: Well, I must be patient, there is no fettering of authority. Ile beate him (by my life) if I can meete him with any conuenience, and he were double and double a Lord. Ile haue no more pittie of his age then I would haue of- Ile beate him, and if I could but meet him agen.” source

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