Victor Hugo quote about stupidity from Les Misérables - The earth is a great piece of stupidity.
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The earth is a great piece of stupidity.
 Victor Hugo, Les Misérables (1862). copy citation

Author Victor Hugo
Source Les Misérables
Topic stupidity world
Date 1862
Language English
Note Translation by Isabel F. Hapgood in 1887


“I do not understand how people can habitually take Turks in bad part; Mohammed had his good points; respect for the inventor of seraglios with houris and paradises with odalisques! Let us not insult Mohammedanism, the only religion which is ornamented with a hen-roost! Now, I insist on a drink. The earth is a great piece of stupidity. And it appears that they are going to fight, all those imbeciles, and to break each other's profiles and to massacre each other in the heart of summer, in the month of June, when they might go off with a creature on their arm, to breathe the immense heaps of new-mown hay in the meadows!” source
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