The blood of youth burns not with such excess as gravity's revolt to wantonness.
 William Shakespeare, Love's Labour's Lost (1598). copy citation

Author William Shakespeare
Source Love's Labour's Lost
Topic youth brutality revolt
Date 1598
Language English
Note Written between 1595 and 1596


“PRINCESS OF FRANCE. None are so surely caught, when they are
catch'd, As wit turn'd fool; folly, in wisdom hatch'd, Hath wisdom's warrant and the help of school, And wit's own grace to grace a learned fool. ROSALINE. The blood of youth burns not with such excess
As gravity's revolt to wantonness. Maria. Folly in fools bears not so strong a note
As fool'ry in the wise when wit doth dote, Since all the power thereof it doth apply To prove, by wit, worth in simplicity.” source

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