I would always rather be happy than dignified
 Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre (16 October 1847). copy citation

Author Charlotte Brontë
Source Jane Eyre
Topic happiness dignity
Date 16 October 1847
Language English
Weblink http://www.gutenberg.org/files/1260/1260-h/1260-h.htm


“I—who, though I had no love, had much friendship for him—was hurt by the marked omission: so much hurt that tears started to my eyes.
«I see you and St. John have been quarrelling, Jane,» said Diana, «during your walk on the moor. But go after him; he is now lingering in the passage expecting you—he will make it up.»
I have not much pride under such circumstances: I would always rather be happy than dignified; and I ran after him—he stood at the foot of the stairs. «Good-night, St. John,» said I.
«Good-night, Jane,» he replied calmly. «Then shake hands,» I added. What a cold, loose touch, he impressed on my fingers! He was deeply displeased by what had occurred that day; cordiality would not warm, nor tears move him.” source

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