Bram Stoker quote about despair from Dracula - Despair has its own calms.
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Despair has its own calms.
 Bram Stoker, Dracula (1897). copy citation

Author Bram Stoker
Source Dracula
Topic despair calm
Date 1897
Language English


“There is the surest rest. I may not have the pleasure to talk to-night, since there are many labours to me; but you will sleep, I pray.» I passed to my room and went to bed, and, strange to say, slept without dreaming. Despair has its own calms.
31 May.—This morning when I woke I thought I would provide myself with some paper and envelopes from my bag and keep them in my pocket, so that I might write in case I should get an opportunity, but again a surprise, again a shock!” source

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