I think perhaps we want a more conscious life.
 Sinclair Lewis, Main Street (1920). copy citation

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Author Sinclair Lewis
Source Main Street
Topic life consciousness
Date 1920
Language English
Weblink http://www.gutenberg.org/files/543/543-h/543-h.htm


“I believe all of us want the same things—we're all together, the industrial workers and the women and the farmers and the negro race and the Asiatic colonies, and even a few of the Respectables. It's all the same revolt, in all the classes that have waited and taken advice. I think perhaps we want a more conscious life. We're tired of drudging and sleeping and dying. We're tired of seeing just a few people able to be individualists. We're tired of always deferring hope till the next generation. We're tired of hearing the politicians and priests and cautious reformers (and the husbands!)” source

Meaning and analysis

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