The intelligence of the universe is social.
 Marcus Aurelius, Meditations (c. 170 - 180). copy citation

Author Marcus Aurelius
Source Meditations
Topic intelligence society
Date c. 170 - 180
Language English
Note Translated by George Long


“But so long as nothing of the kind drives me out, I remain, am free, and no man shall hinder me from doing what I choose; and I choose to do what is according to the nature of the rational and social animal.
[A] Epictetus, i. 25, 18.
30. The intelligence of the universe is social. Accordingly it has made the inferior things for the sake of the superior, and it has fitted the superior to one another. Thou seest how it has subordinated, co-ordinated, and assigned to everything its proper portion, and has brought together into concord with one another the things which are the best.” source

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