this secret spake Life herself unto me . . . 'I am that which must ever surpass itself'.

 Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1891). copy citation

Author Friedrich Nietzsche
Source Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Topic life improvement surpassing
Date 1891
Language English
Note Translated By Thomas Common


“And where there is sacrifice and service and love-glances, there also is the will to be master. By by-ways doth the weaker then slink into the fortress, and into the heart of the mightier one—and there stealeth power.
And this secret spake Life herself unto me. «Behold,» said she, «I am that WHICH MUST EVER SURPASS ITSELF.
To be sure, ye call it will to procreation, or impulse towards a goal, towards the higher, remoter, more manifold: but all that is one and the same secret.
Rather would I succumb than disown this one thing; and verily, where there is succumbing and leaf-falling, lo, there doth Life sacrifice itself—for power!” source

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