he's a gentleman: look at his boots.
 George Bernard Shaw, Pygmalion (1913). copy citation

Author George Bernard Shaw
Source Pygmalion
Topic appearance clothing boots
Date 1913
Language English
Weblink https://www.gutenberg.org/files/3825/3825-h/3825-h.htm


“They'll take away my character and drive me on the streets for speaking to gentlemen. They—
THE NOTE TAKER [coming forward on her right, the rest crowding after him] There, there, there, there! Who's hurting you, you silly girl? What do you take me for?
THE BYSTANDER. It's all right: he's a gentleman: look at his boots. [Explaining to the note taker] She thought you was a copper's nark, sir.
THE NOTE TAKER [with quick interest] What's a copper's nark?
THE BYSTANDER [inept at definition] It's a—well, it's a copper's nark, as you might say.” source

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