It is not right to vex ourselves at things, for they care nought about it.
 Marcus Aurelius, Meditations (c. 170 - 180). copy citation

Author Marcus Aurelius
Source Meditations
Topic frustration uselessness
Date c. 170 - 180
Language English
Note Translated by George Long


“From Antisthenes: It is royal to do good and to be abused.
37. It is a base thing for the countenance to be obedient and to regulate and compose itself as the mind commands, and for the mind not to be regulated and composed by itself.
38. It is not right to vex ourselves at things, For they care nought about it.[ B]
39. To the immortal gods and us give joy.
40. Life must be reaped like the ripe ears of corn.
One man is born; another dies.[ C]” source

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