Rudyard Kipling quote about men from The Second Jungle Book - Trees and men do not grow together
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Trees and men do not grow together
 Rudyard Kipling, The Second Jungle Book (1895). copy citation

Author Rudyard Kipling
Source The Second Jungle Book
Topic men trees
Date 1895
Language English


“There are no riches like these riches—the treasures of a hundred kings. But it is long and long since the stone was last moved, and I think that my city has forgotten.»
«There is no city. Look up. Yonder are roots of the great trees tearing the stones apart. Trees and men do not grow together,» Kaa insisted.
«Twice and thrice have men found their way here,» the White Cobra answered savagely; «but they never spoke till I came upon them groping in the dark, and then they cried only a little time. But ye come with lies, Man and Snake both, and would have me believe the city is not, and that my wardship ends.” source

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