To a great mind, nothing is little
 Arthur Conan Doyle, A Study in Scarlet (1887). copy citation

Author Arthur Conan Doyle
Source A Study in Scarlet
Topic mind genius details
Date 1887
Language English


“«I had no idea that you noticed that,» he said. «Have you been there?»
«Ha!» cried Gregson, in a relieved voice; «you should never neglect a chance, however small it may seem.»
«To a great mind, nothing is little,» remarked Holmes, sententiously.
«Well, I went to Underwood, and asked him if he had sold a hat of that size and description. He looked over his books, and came on it at once. He had sent the hat to a Mr. Drebber, residing at Charpentier's Boarding Establishment, Torquay Terrace.” source

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