Walter Scott quote about death from Ivanhoe - Man dies, but glory lives!
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Man dies, but glory lives!
 Walter Scott, Ivanhoe (1820). copy citation

Author Walter Scott
Source Ivanhoe
Topic death battle glory encouragement
Date 1820
Language English


“It showed itself in loud acclamations upon every change of fortune, while all eyes were so riveted on the lists, that the spectators seemed as if they themselves had dealt and received the blows which were there so freely bestowed. And between every pause was heard the voice of the heralds, exclaiming, «Fight on, brave knights! Man dies, but glory lives!—Fight on—death is better than defeat!—Fight on, brave knights!—for bright eyes behold your deeds!»
Amid the varied fortunes of the combat, the eyes of all endeavoured to discover the leaders of each band, who, mingling in the thick of the fight, encouraged their companions both by voice and example.” source

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