Franz Kafka quote about importance from The Trial - Asking questions were the most important thing.
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Asking questions were the most important thing.
 Franz Kafka, The Trial (1925). copy citation

Author Franz Kafka
Source The Trial
Topic importance question questioning
Date 1925
Language English
Note Translated by David Wyllie


“K. had no idea what actions the lawyer was taking; it was certainly not a lot, it was more than a month since the lawyer had summoned him, and none of the previous discussions had given K. the impression that this man would be able to do much for him. Most importantly, he had asked him hardly any questions. And there were so many questions here to be asked. Asking questions were the most important thing. K. had the feeling that he would be able to ask all the questions needed here himself. The lawyer, in contrast, did not ask questions but did all the talking himself or sat silently facing him, leant forward slightly over the desk, probably because he was hard of hearing, pulled on a strand of hair in the middle of his beard and looked down at the carpet, perhaps at the very spot where K. had lain with Leni.” source

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