Franz Kafka quote about privacy from The Trial - Intrusive, thoughtless people!
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Intrusive, thoughtless people!
 Franz Kafka, The Trial (1925). copy citation

Author Franz Kafka
Source The Trial
Topic privacy intrusion thoughtless
Date 1925
Language English
Note Translated by David Wyllie


“And the three of them did immediately retreat a few steps, the old pair even found themselves behind the man who then concealed them with the breadth of his body and seemed, going by the movements of his mouth, to be saying something incomprehensible into the distance. They did not disappear entirely, though, but seemed to be waiting for the moment when they could come back to the window without being noticed. "Intrusive, thoughtless people!" said K. as he turned back into the room. The supervisor may have agreed with him, at least K. thought that was what he saw from the corner of his eye. But it was just as possible that he had not even been listening as he had his hand pressed firmly down on the table and seemed to be comparing the length of his fingers.” source

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