Aesop quote about help from Aesop's Fables - Self-help is the best help.
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Self-help is the best help.
 Aesop, Aesop's Fables. copy citation

Author Aesop
Source Aesop's Fables
Topic help self-help
Language English
Note Translated by George Fyler Townsend


“Hercules, it is said, appeared and thus addressed him: «Put your shoulders to the wheels, my man. Goad on your bullocks, and never more pray to me for help, until you have done your best to help yourself, or depend upon it you will henceforth pray in vain.»
Self-help is the best help.
The Ants and the Grasshopper THE ANTS were spending a fine winter's day drying grain collected in the summertime. A Grasshopper, perishing with famine, passed by and earnestly begged for a little food.” source

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