Henry Ford quote about work from My Life and Work - No work with interest is ever hard.
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No work with interest is ever hard.
 Henry Ford, My Life and Work (1922). copy citation

Author Henry Ford
Source My Life and Work
Topic work interest hardness
Date 1922
Language English
Weblink http://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/7213/pg7213-images.html


“During the first several months I was in the night shift at the electric-light plant—which gave me very little time for experimenting—but after that I was in the day shift and every night and all of every Saturday night I worked on the new motor. I cannot say that it was hard work. No work with interest is ever hard. I always am certain of results. They always come if you work hard enough. But it was a very great thing to have my wife even more confident than I was. She has always been that way.
I had to work from the ground up—that is, although I knew that a number of people were working on horseless carriages, I could not know what they were doing.” source

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