Charles Bukowski quote about ambition from Factotum - My ambition is handicapped by laziness.
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My ambition is handicapped by laziness.
 Charles Bukowski, Factotum (1975). copy citation

Author Charles Bukowski
Source Factotum
Topic ambition laziness
Date 1975
Language English


“They have a way of always picking the wrong horse.»
«Suppose they bet our horse?»
«Then we know we've got the wrong horse.»
«Manny, what are you doing working in auto parts?»
«Resting. My ambition is handicapped by laziness.»
We had another beer and went back to the warehouse. 46 We ran through the tunnel as they were putting them in the gate. We wanted Happy Needles. We were only getting 9 to 5 and I figured we wouldn't win two days running, so I just bet $5.” source

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