The object of virtue is the difficult and the good.
 Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica (1274). copy citation

Author Thomas Aquinas
Source Summa Theologica
Topic virtue good
Date 1274
Language English
Note Translated by Fathers of the English Dominican Province


“and since grace is the source of merit, our actions are more meritorious. Obj. 2: Further, struggle and difficulty are required for merit; for it is written (2 Tim. 2:5) : "He . . . is not crowned except he strive lawfully" and the Philosopher says (Ethic. ii, 3) : "The object of virtue is the difficult and the good." But there is more strife and difficulty now. Therefore there is greater efficacy for merit. Obj. 3: Further, the Master says (Sent. ii., D, xxiv) that "man would not have merited in resisting temptation;” source