There is prodigious strength . . . in sorrow and despair.
 Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities (1859). copy citation

Author Charles Dickens
Source A Tale of Two Cities
Topic strength sorrow despair
Date 1859
Language English


“asked the Marquis, whom I will still describe as the elder brother, coming booted into the room from his horse.
«'Not dead,' said I; 'but like to die.'
«'What strength there is in these common bodies!' he said, looking down at her with some curiosity.
«'There is prodigious strength,' I answered him, 'in sorrow and despair.'
«He first laughed at my words, and then frowned at them. He moved a chair with his foot near to mine, ordered the woman away, and said in a subdued voice,
«'Doctor, finding my brother in this difficulty with these hinds, I recommended that your aid should be invited.” source

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