Isabel’s written in a foreign tongue. I can’t make her out.
 Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady (1881). copy citation

Author Henry James
Source The Portrait of a Lady
Topic understanding originality
Date 1881
Language English


“«I know you say that for argument; you always take the opposite ground. I don't see what you've against her except that she's so original.»
«Well, I don't like originals; I like translations,» Mr. Ludlow had more than once replied. «Isabel's written in a foreign tongue. I can't make her out. She ought to marry an Armenian or a Portuguese.»
«That's just what I'm afraid she'll do!» cried Lilian, who thought Isabel capable of anything.
She listened with great interest to the girl's account of Mrs. Touchett's appearance and in the evening prepared to comply with their aunt's commands.” source

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