Victor Hugo quote about fashion from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame - Fashions have wrought more harm than revolutions.
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Fashions have wrought more harm than revolutions.
 Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (1831). copy citation

Author Victor Hugo
Source The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
Topic fashion revolution harm
Date 1831
Language English
Note Translation by Isabel F. Hapgood in 1888


“One can distinguish on its ruins three sorts of lesions, all three of which cut into it at different depths; first, time, which has insensibly notched its surface here and there, and gnawed it everywhere; next, political and religious revolution, which, blind and wrathful by nature, have flung themselves tumultuously upon it, torn its rich garment of carving and sculpture, burst its rose windows, broken its necklace of arabesques and tiny figures, torn out its statues, sometimes because of their mitres, sometimes because of their crowns; lastly, fashions, even more grotesque and foolish, which, since the anarchical and splendid deviations of the Renaissance, have followed each other in the necessary decadence of architecture. Fashions have wrought more harm than revolutions. They have cut to the quick; they have attacked the very bone and framework of art; they have cut, slashed, disorganized, killed the edifice, in form as in the symbol, in its consistency as well as in its beauty.” source
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