Victor Hugo quote about God from Les Misérables - God knows better than we what we need.
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God knows better than we what we need.
 Victor Hugo, Les Misérables (1862). copy citation

Author Victor Hugo
Source Les Misérables
Topic God knowledge need
Date 1862
Language English
Note Translation by Isabel F. Hapgood in 1887


“«Even if you were to take possession of me, Monsieur Pontmercy, would that make me other than I am? No, God has thought like you and myself, and he does not change his mind; it is useful for me to go. Death is a good arrangement. God knows better than we what we need. May you be happy, may Monsieur Pontmercy have Cosette, may youth wed the morning, may there be around you, my children, lilacs and nightingales; may your life be a beautiful, sunny lawn, may all the enchantments of heaven fill your souls, and now let me, who am good for nothing, die; it is certain that all this is right.” source
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