Men's vows are women's traitors!
 William Shakespeare, Cymbeline (1623). copy citation

Author William Shakespeare
Source Cymbeline
Topic men women commitment
Date 1623
Language English
Note Written between 1609 and 1611


“Some jay of Italy,
Whose mother was her painting, hath betray'd him. Poor I am stale, a garment out of fashion, And for I am richer than to hang by th' walls I must be ripp'd. To pieces with me! O,
Men's vows are women's traitors! All good seeming,
By thy revolt, O husband, shall be thought Put on for villainy; not born where't grows, But worn a bait for ladies. PISANIO. Good madam, hear me.
IMOGEN. True honest men being heard, like false Aeneas,” source

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