Franz Kafka quote about lie from The Trial - The lie made into the rule of the world.
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The lie made into the rule of the world.
 Franz Kafka, The Trial (1925). copy citation

Author Franz Kafka
Source The Trial
Topic lie world rule
Date 1925
Language English
Note Translated by David Wyllie


“"I can't say I'm in complete agreement with this view," said K. shaking his head, "as if you accept it you'll have to accept that everything said by the doorkeeper is true. But you've already explained very fully that that's not possible." "No," said the priest, "you don't need to accept everything as true, you only have to accept it as necessary." "Depressing view," said K. "The lie made into the rule of the world."
K. said that as if it were his final word but it was not his conclusion. He was too tired to think about all the ramifications of the story, and the sort of thoughts they led him into were not familiar to him, unrealistic things, things better suited for officials of the court to discuss than for him.” source

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