Thomas Hardy quote about luck from The Mayor of Casterbridge - Some folk want their luck buttered.
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Some folk want their luck buttered.
 Thomas Hardy, The Mayor of Casterbridge (1886). copy citation

Author Thomas Hardy
Source The Mayor of Casterbridge
Topic luck satisfaction
Date 1886
Language English


“«Well—there's a difference between 'em, though he do call himself a teetotaller,» said Nance Mockridge. «She'll wish her cake dough afore she's done of him. There's a blue-beardy look about 'en; and 'twill out in time.»
«Stuff—he's well enough! Some folk want their luck buttered. If I had a choice as wide as the ocean sea I wouldn't wish for a better man. A poor twanking woman like her—'tis a godsend for her, and hardly a pair of jumps or night-rail to her name.»
The plain little brougham drove off in the mist, and the idlers dispersed.” source

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