Mark Twain quote about doubt from Following the Equator - When in doubt, tell the truth.
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When in doubt, tell the truth.
 Mark Twain, Following the Equator (1897). copy citation

Author Mark Twain
Source Following the Equator
Topic doubt truth
Date 1897
Language English


“Beyond this remark he was economical of the truth. The first thing he did in Australia was to get into the lockup, and the next thing he did was to proclaim himself an earl in the police court in the morning and fail to prove it.
When in doubt, tell the truth.
—Pudd'nhead Wilson's New Calendar.
About four days out from Victoria we plunged into hot weather, and all the male passengers put on white linen clothes. One or two days later we crossed the 25th parallel of north latitude, and then, by order, the officers of the ship laid away their blue uniforms and came out in white linen ones.” source

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