Charles Dickens quote about life from David Copperfield - trifles make the sum of life.
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trifles make the sum of life.
 Charles Dickens, David Copperfield (1850). copy citation

Author Charles Dickens
Source David Copperfield
Topic life importance triviality
Date 1850
Language English


“As I look out on the night, my tears fall fast, and my undisciplined heart is chastened heavily—heavily.
I sit down by the fire, thinking with a blind remorse of all those secret feelings I have nourished since my marriage. I think of every little trifle between me and Dora, and feel the truth, that trifles make the sum of life. Ever rising from the sea of my remembrance, is the image of the dear child as I knew her first, graced by my young love, and by her own, with every fascination wherein such love is rich. Would it, indeed, have been better if we had loved each other as a boy and a girl, and forgotten it?” source

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