Charles Dickens quote about pride from Martin Chuzzlewit - I am consequently proud—proud as Lucifer.
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I am consequently proud—proud as Lucifer.
 Charles Dickens, Martin Chuzzlewit (1844). copy citation

Author Charles Dickens
Source Martin Chuzzlewit
Topic pride
Date 1844
Language English


“The name of Montague Tigg will perhaps be familiar to you, in connection with the most remarkable events of the Peninsular War?'
Mr Pecksniff gently shook his head.
'No matter,' said the gentleman. 'That man was my father, and I bear his name. I am consequently proud—proud as Lucifer. Excuse me one moment. I desire my friend Slyme to be present at the remainder of this conference.'
With this announcement he hurried away to the outer door of the Blue Dragon, and almost immediately returned with a companion shorter than himself, who was wrapped in an old blue camlet cloak with a lining of faded scarlet.” source

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