Alexandre Dumas quote about revenge from The Three Musketeers - Women weep for the dead; men avenge them!
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Women weep for the dead; men avenge them!

 Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers (1844). copy citation

Author Alexandre Dumas
Source The Three Musketeers
Topic revenge virility
Date 1844
Language English


“He tore himself from the arms of Porthos and Aramis, and threw himself like a madman on the corpse of his mistress.
Athos rose, walked toward his friend with a slow and solemn step, embraced him tenderly, and as he burst into violent sobs, he said to him with his noble and persuasive voice, «Friend, be a man! Women weep for the dead; men avenge them!»
«Oh, yes!» cried d'Artagnan, «yes! If it be to avenge her, I am ready to follow you.»
Athos profited by this moment of strength which the hope of vengeance restored to his unfortunate friend to make a sign to Porthos and Aramis to go and fetch the superior.” source
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