Albert Camus quote about fate from The Myth of Sisyphus - A fate is not a punishment.
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A fate is not a punishment.
 Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus (1942). copy citation

Author Albert Camus
Source The Myth of Sisyphus
Topic fate punishment
Date 1942
Language English
Note Translated by Justin O'Brien


“He would consider it normal to be chastised. That is the rule of the game. And, indeed, it is typical of his nobility to have accepted all the rules of the game. Yet he knows he is right and that there can be no question of punishment. A fate is not a punishment. That is his crime, and how easy it is to understand why the men of God call down punishment on his head. He achieves a knowledge without illusions which negates everything they profess. Loving and possessing, conquering and consuming—that is his way of knowing.” source
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