Plato quote about courage from The Republic - courage is a kind of salvation.
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courage is a kind of salvation.
 Plato, The Republic. copy citation

Author Plato
Source The Republic
Topic courage salvation
Language English
Note Translated by Benjamin Jowett


“The city will be courageous in virtue of a portion of herself which preserves under all circumstances that opinion about the nature of things to be feared and not to be feared in which our legislator educated them; and this is what you term courage.
I should like to hear what you are saying once more, for I do not think that I perfectly understand you.
I mean that courage is a kind of salvation.
Salvation of what?
Of the opinion respecting things to be feared, what they are and of what nature, which the law implants through education; and I mean by the words 'under all circumstances' to intimate that in pleasure or in pain, or under the influence of desire or fear, a man preserves, and does not lose this opinion.” source

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