Franz Kafka quote about knowledge from The Trial - I like to make use of what I know.
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I like to make use of what I know.
 Franz Kafka, The Trial (1925). copy citation

Author Franz Kafka
Source The Trial
Topic knowledge use
Date 1925
Language English
Note Translated by David Wyllie


“But I'll certainly be perfecting my knowledge in this area, as next month I start work in a legal office." "That's very good," said K., "that means you'll be able to give me some help with my trial." "That could well be," said Miss Bürstner, "why not? I like to make use of what I know." "I mean it quite seriously," said K., "or at least, half seriously, as you do. This affair is too petty to call in a lawyer, but I could make good use of someone who could give me advice." "Yes, but if I'm to give you advice I'll have to know what it's all about," said Miss Bürstner.” source

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