Karl Marx quote about money from Das Kapital - And his money he cannot eat.
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And his money he cannot eat.
 Karl Marx, Das Kapital (1867). copy citation

Author Karl Marx
Source Das Kapital
Topic money eating commodity
Date 1867
Language English
Note Translated by Samuel Moore and Edward Aveling
Weblink https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/download/pdf/Capital-Volume-...


“He won't be caught napping again. In future he will buy the commodities in the market, instead of manufacturing them himself. But if all his brother capitalists were to do the same, where would he find his commodities in the market? And his money he cannot eat. He tries persuasion. «Consider my abstinence; I might have played ducks and drakes with the 15 shillings; but instead of that I consumed it productively, and made yarn with it.» Very well, and by way of reward he is now in possession of good yarn instead of a bad conscience; and as for playing the part of a miser, it would never do for him to relapse into such bad ways as that; we have seen before to what results such asceticism leads.” source

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