Aesop quote about bird from Aesop's Fables - Fine feathers don't make fine birds.
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Fine feathers don't make fine birds.
 Aesop, Aesop's Fables. copy citation

Author Aesop
Source Aesop's Fables
Topic bird feather
Language English
Note Translated by George Fyler Townsend


“A PEACOCK spreading its gorgeous tail mocked a Crane that passed by, ridiculing the ashen hue of its plumage and saying, «I am robed, like a king, in gold and purple and all the colors of the rainbow; while you have not a bit of color on your wings.» «True,» replied the Crane; «but I soar to the heights of heaven and lift up my voice to the stars, while you walk below, like a cock, among the birds of the dunghill.»
Fine feathers don't make fine birds.
The Fox and the Hedgehog A FOX swimming across a rapid river was carried by the force of the current into a very deep ravine, where he lay for a long time very much bruised, sick, and unable to move.” source

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