William Shakespeare quote about suggestion from The Tempest - They'll take suggestion as a cat laps milk.
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They'll take suggestion as a cat laps milk.
 William Shakespeare, The Tempest (1623). copy citation

Author William Shakespeare
Source The Tempest
Topic suggestion cat milk
Date 1623
Language English
Note Written between 1610 and 1611
Weblink http://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/1135/pg1135-images.html


“Whom I with this obedient steel, three inches of it, Can lay to bed for ever; whiles you, doing thus, To the perpetual wink for aye might put This ancient morsel, this Sir Prudence, who Should not upbraid our course. For all the rest,
They'll take suggestion as a cat laps milk; They'll tell the clock to any business that We say befits the hour. SEBASTIAN. Thy case, dear friend,
Shall be my precedent; as thou got'st Milan, I'll come by Naples. Draw thy sword. One stroke

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