Am I alive and a reality, or am I but a dream?
 Edgar Rice Burroughs, Return of Tarzan (1913). copy citation

Author Edgar Rice Burroughs
Source Return of Tarzan
Topic dream reality
Date 1913
Language English


“He took the girl he loved in his strong arms, and kissed her not once, but a hundred times, until she lay there panting for breath; yet when he stopped she put her arms about his neck and drew his lips down to hers once more.
"Am I alive and a reality, or am I but a dream?" he asked.
"If you are not alive, my man," she answered, "I pray that I may die thus before I awaken to the terrible realities of my last waking moments."
For a while both were silent—gazing into each others' eyes as though each still questioned the reality of the wonderful happiness that had come to them.” source

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