I never knew so young a body with so old a head.
 William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice (1600). copy citation

Author William Shakespeare
Source The Merchant of Venice
Topic youth maturity
Date 1600
Language English
Note Written between 1596 and 1599
Weblink http://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/2243/pg2243-images.html


“Your Grace shall vnderstand, that at the receite of your Letter I am very sicke: but in the instant that your messenger came, in louing visitation, was with me a yong Doctor of Rome, his name is Balthasar: I acquainted him with the cause in Controuersie, betweene the Iew and Anthonio the Merchant: We turn'd ore many Bookes together: hee is furnished with my opinion, which bettred with his owne learning, the greatnesse whereof I cannot enough commend, comes with him at my importunity, to fill vp your Graces request in my sted. I beseech you, let his lacke of years be no impediment to let him lacke a reuerend estimation: for I neuer knewe so yong a body, with so old a head. I leaue him to your gracious acceptance, whose trial shall better publish his commendation. Enter Portia for Balthazar.
DUKE. You heare the learn'd Bellario what he writes,
And heere (I take it) is the Doctor come.” source

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