William Shakespeare quote about truth from Richard II - Truth hath a quiet breast.
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Truth hath a quiet breast.
 William Shakespeare, Richard II (1595). copy citation

Author William Shakespeare
Source Richard II
Topic truth
Date 1595
Language English
Weblink http://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/1111/pg1111-images.html


“More than my dancing soul doth celebrate This feast of battle with mine adversary. Most mighty liege, and my companion peers, Take from my mouth the wish of happy years. As gentle and as jocund as to jest Go I to fight: truth hath a quiet breast. KING RICHARD. Farewell, my lord, securely I espy
Virtue with valour couched in thine eye. Order the trial, Marshal, and begin. MARSHAL. Harry of Hereford, Lancaster, and Derby,
Receive thy lance; and God defend the right!” source

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