Victor Hugo quote about sleep from Les Misérables - Sleep comes more easily than it returns.
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Sleep comes more easily than it returns.
 Victor Hugo, Les Misérables (1862). copy citation

Author Victor Hugo
Source Les Misérables
Topic sleep insomnia
Date 1862
Language English
Note Translation by Isabel F. Hapgood in 1887


“He opened his eyes and stared into the gloom which surrounded him; then he closed them again, with the intention of going to sleep once more.
When many varied sensations have agitated the day, when various matters preoccupy the mind, one falls asleep once, but not a second time. Sleep comes more easily than it returns. This is what happened to Jean Valjean. He could not get to sleep again, and he fell to thinking.
He was at one of those moments when the thoughts which one has in one's mind are troubled. There was a sort of dark confusion in his brain.” source
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