Blaise Pascal quote about power from Pensées - The property of power is to protect.
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The property of power is to protect.
 Blaise Pascal, Pensées (1670). copy citation

Author Blaise Pascal
Source Pensées
Topic power protection
Date 1670
Language English
Note Translated by W. F. Trotter


“Greatness of establishment, respect for establishment. The pleasure of the great is the power to make people happy. The property of riches is to be given liberally. The property of each thing must be sought. The property of power is to protect.
When force attacks humbug, when a private soldier takes the square cap off a first president, and throws it out of the window. 311 The government founded on opinion and imagination reigns for some time, and this government is pleasant and voluntary; that founded on might lasts for ever.” source

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