Arthur Conan Doyle quote about pain from A Study in Scarlet - genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains
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genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains
 Arthur Conan Doyle, A Study in Scarlet (1887). copy citation

Author Arthur Conan Doyle
Source A Study in Scarlet
Topic pain genius capacity
Date 1887
Language English


“Finally, he examined with his glass the word upon the wall, going over every letter of it with the most minute exactness. This done, he appeared to be satisfied, for he replaced his tape and his glass in his pocket.
«They say that genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains,» he remarked with a smile. «It's a very bad definition, but it does apply to detective work.»
Gregson and Lestrade had watched the manoeuvres 9 of their amateur companion with considerable curiosity and some contempt. They evidently failed to appreciate the fact, which I had begun to realize, that Sherlock Holmes' smallest actions were all directed towards some definite and practical end.” source
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