Anthony Trollope quote about penalty from Phineas Redux - A man can't be bound without a penalty.
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A man can't be bound without a penalty.
 Anthony Trollope, Phineas Redux (1874). copy citation

Author Anthony Trollope
Source Phineas Redux
Topic penalty bound
Date 1874
Language English


“A man can't do what he likes with his coverts."
"He can cut them down."
"But he can't let another pack hunt them, and he can't hunt them himself. If he's in a hunting county he is bound to preserve foxes."
"What binds him, Oswald? A man can't be bound without a penalty."
"I should think it penalty enough for everybody to hate me. What are you going to do about Phineas Finn?"
"I have asked him to come on the 1st and stay till Parliament meets."
"And is that woman coming?"” source

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