Therein do men from children nothing differ.
 William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing (1600). copy citation

Author William Shakespeare
Source Much Ado About Nothing
Topic men children
Date 1600
Language English
Reference Much Ado About Nothing, Act V, Scene 1
Note Written between 1598 and 1599 Antonio line


“To those that wring vnder the load of sorrow: But no mans vertue nor sufficiencie To be so morall, when he shall endure The like himselfe: therefore giue me no counsaile, My griefs cry lowder then aduertisement Broth. Therein do men from children nothing differ
Leonato. I pray thee peace, I will be flesh and bloud,
For there was neuer yet Philosopher, That could endure the tooth-ake patiently, How euer they haue writ the stile of gods, And made a push at chance and sufferance” source

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