More law, less justice.
 Marcus Tullius Cicero, On Duties (44 BC). copy citation

Author Marcus Tullius Cicero
Source On Duties
Topic justice law
Date 44 BC
Language English
Note Translated by Walter Miller


“Such obligations are annulled in most cases by the praetor's edict in equity,/a in some cases by the laws.
{33} Injustice often arises also through chicanery, that is, through an over-subtle and even fraudulent construction of the law. This it is that gave rise to the now familiar saw, "More law, less justice." Through such interpretation also a great deal of wrong is committed in transactions between state and state; thus, when a truce had been made with the enemy for thirty days, a famous general/a went to ravaging their fields by night, because, he said, the truce stipulated "days," not nights.” source

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