Oscar Wilde quote about face from Intentions - A mask tells us more than a face.
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A mask tells us more than a face.
 Oscar Wilde, Intentions (1891). copy citation

Author Oscar Wilde
Source Intentions
Topic face mask
Date 1891
Language English
Weblink http://www.gutenberg.org/files/887/887-h/887-h.htm


“Scott, the editor of the London Magazine, struck by the young man's genius, or under the influence of the strange fascination that he exercised on every one who knew him, invited him to write a series of articles on artistic subjects, and under a series of fanciful pseudonym he began to contribute to the literature of his day. Janus Weathercock, Egomet Bonmot, and Van Vinkvooms, were some of the grotesque masks under which he choose to hide his seriousness or to reveal his levity. A mask tells us more than a face. These disguises intensified his personality. In an incredibly short time he seems to have made his mark. Charles Lamb speaks of 'kind, light-hearted Wainewright,' whose prose is 'capital.' We hear of him entertaining Macready, John Forster, Maginn, Talfourd, Sir Wentworth Dilke, the poet John Clare, and others, at a petit-dîner.” source

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