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William Shakespeare quotes love quotes life quotes death quotes happiness quotes truth quotes time quotes women quotes Oscar Wilde quotes knowledge quotes freedom quotes self quotes Jane Austen quotes God quotes F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes fear quotes John Steinbeck quotes George R. R. Martin quotes heart quotes men quotes Chuck Palahniuk quotes strength quotes Haruki Murakami quotes understanding quotes friendship quotes power quotes beauty quotes wisdom quotes The Picture of Dorian Gray quotes J. K. Rowling quotes Paulo Coelho quotes reality quotes religion quotes Ayn Rand quotes words quotes pain quotes George Orwell quotes stupidity quotes good quotes nature quotes world quotes Fyodor Dostoyevsky quotes J. R. R. Tolkien quotes Victor Hugo quotes Stephen King quotes evil quotes reason quotes education quotes belief quotes John Green quotes State of the Union Address quotes government quotes future quotes change quotes Charles Dickens quotes Albert Camus quotes society quotes Les Misérables quotes passion quotes work quotes reading quotes writing quotes marriage quotes Blaise Pascal quotes Pensées quotes man quotes loneliness quotes Mark Twain quotes George Orwell quotes from 1984 Henry David Thoreau quotes hope quotes courage quotes darkness quotes memory quotes James Joyce quotes war quotes books quotes learning quotes Neil Gaiman quotes Charlotte Brontë quotes Jane Eyre quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes madness quotes virtue quotes humanity quotes youth quotes music quotes The Alchemist quotes action quotes woman quotes George Eliot quotes past quotes J. D. Salinger quotes Friedrich Nietzsche quotes experience quotes Leo Tolstoy quotes C. S. Lewis quotes success quotes poverty quotes age quotes