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George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair's pen name) was an English writer, essayist and journalist, born on 25 June 1903 in India and died on 21 January 1950 in London. A multifaceted author, his work reflects his political commitments against totalitarianism and in favor of social justice.

George Orwell took advantage of his intellectual abilities to obtain scholarships allowing him to receive a good academic education, notably at Eton College. He affirmed a rebellious temperament over time, but nevertheless joined the Burmese imperial police, following a family tradition of serving the British Empire. After five years, he left his position to devote himself to writing.

George Orwell then alternated between periods during which he explored the living conditions of the poor and periods of working as a teacher or bookstore employee. After having been involved in Spain against the Franco dictatorship, he returned to London and wrote his main novels, including Animal Farm. He died of tuberculosis shortly after the publication of his most famous work, the dystopian novel 1984.